Releases Vol​.​1 (2006​-​2013)


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released January 1, 2014



all rights reserved


LMNZ Berlin, Germany

LMNZ produces Instrumentals, writes lyrics, composes, arranges music, raps, mixes and records songs (don’t need to be his own) and simply loves music! Moreover he is shooting and editing videos and photos.
The studied Sound Engineer (Bachelor of Recording Arts) lives in Berlin, Neukölln.
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Track Name: 7. Badkat (Prod. LMNZ) - R.E.V.E.N.G.E.
R - e - v - e - n to g - e
Friends become enemies Still they pretend to be grin like they feeling me
R - e - v - e - n to g - e
Doube-faced back stabbing fakes apprehended before they could swindle me

(Verse 1)
I welcomed you in with open arms when we first met
Never would have guessed little homey would turn out to be suspect
Hit me on my pager to make the connect
And we'd be chillin on the stoop in the middle of the projects
Prospect the biddies walking by - Tally sunset
Sippin on a glass of tequila mixed with triple sec
And a twist of OJ, a shot of grenadine
Just chillin with my homies hustling Jamaican greens
I should've know way back then that you were gonna sell me out
Couldn't believe my own ears what I heard come out your mouth
But that'll be the last time that you say my name
If you call me out again in vain I'll have to bring the pain
And I'm a have to keep it simple and plain
I didn't put myself in business for you to play games
With this money on my mind Put your money in the meter
When the bell tone chimes there ain't nothing sweeter than...

Nothing's sweeter than revenge
No, nothing's sweeter than revenge


(Verse 2)
I can't take it anymore I'm about to declare war
Like this one girl I knew back durrring grade school
We linked back up whenever I made my return to
The home city, I was drowning in self pity
Decided to hit the mall just to make myself prety
Needed some new kicks, Spotted a Puma pair
Stopped by the Journey Shop and ran into her there
Turned out she was working for a few freinds of mine
Started chatting about how she was into writing rhymes
So we made a packed, yea-yea it was like that
Started hittin up the studio to lay some phatt trax
A couple of months passed, man nothing ever good last
Found out she was smuggling my hooks to another cats
Studio, I took it as a low blow
But I never lose sleep over rap hoes so it's.
Track Name: 8. Badkat (Prod. LMNZ) - Get Up And Go
You've got to get up and go to get up and go
Can't-can't stop the flow you keep it moving
You've got to get up and go to get up and go
Can't-can't stop the flow you keep it moving
You've got to get up and go to get up and go
Can't-can't stop the flow you keep it moving
You've got to get up and go to get up and go
Can't-can't stop oh no you just can't stop

(Verse 1)
I've been in the game for so many years
I got waterfalls flowing from the shed of my tears
Tragedy, falicy double-faced back stabbing
In the end it's just the mic that I'm grabbing
Tackling tracks hard as quarter back sacks
I'm kicking the facts until I'm ripping slip matts
I'm flipping it back from the beginning to the end
It's me and my mens about to dominate trends and formulate blends
Turn tables into back spins when the wax bends
Transcend every track that's ever been
When I'm in too deep I lose sleep with the pad and the pen
Steady watching waiting contemplating my next move
I've got no time to lose
Got a short fuse lit cause I'm bout to blow
Ain't never gonna quit never stop the flow


(Verse 2)
Too many days too many nights and counting
The beat don't stop while the party's still bouncing
Die another day tomorrow I'm O-Zing
It's a struggle to survive but yo I'm still breathing
Got to maintain through blood sweat and pain
Try to wash it away I pray in hard rain
It's a tight strain but I keep it on the move
I was born a winner I never play to lose
I change the rules I blame the game my time frame
Of operation getting over's insane
I'm off the chain across the grain with no gain
If every minute of every second's in vain
I stake my claim now I'm here to shine
Taking back my turf cause the world is mine
It's on the line you can hear it in the rhymes
I'm a go on forever short of running out of time